Judy's World

Episode 4a - Steve Comes Out

Judy: What are you saying? Steve? Are you trying to be funny? It’s nothing to joke about!

Steve: It’s no joke. I’m gay Judy. I always have been, ever since I can remember. I never understood what the other boys found so interesting about girls. I couldn’t put words to my feelings, but I knew I was different.

Judy: No, you’re not gay. It’s not true. How could you be? You had a girlfriend in grade 12!

Steve: Yeah, I tried so hard to be what everyone expected me to be. But I just can’t fake it anymore, Judy. I…I’m proud of who I am and what I am. I’m not the only one you know. Statistics show that at least 5 percent of the population is gay.

Judy: But…but it’s unnatural!

Steve: No, no, it’s not unnatural…it’s uncommon. That’s not the same thing. It’s uncommon, just like being left-handed, or having AB type blood is uncommon. It doesn’t mean it’s wrong, or it’s a sickness or any of those stupid old stereotypes.

Judy: I’m sorry…it’s just all so sudden. But you know… you always were a little too understanding…too emotional…I don’t know, too sweet for a guy. But…it’s not going to be easy for you. I mean, I’m your sister and I find it hard to understand. What are mom and dad, your friends, people in general going to think?

Steve: Well, that’s their problem. I know there’s a lot of discrimination out there, just like there can be for immigrants or…or for women even. That’s life. I’ll just have to deal with it.

Judy: I…I’ll try to help you Steve. You’re my little brother and I love you. I’ll try to understand. I’m going to have to do a lot of thinking. It makes me so angry to think about all the difficulties you are going to have to face in life just because of who you are. Anyway, I’ve got to run. See you Steve.

Steve: See you Judy. Sorry for telling you this so suddenly but I’m tired of all the secrecy.

Judy: It’s okay Steve, I…I’m sorry you felt you had to keep it a secret.

(Judy returns home to find Paul sitting on the sofa with little Suzie asleep in his arms, and she announces the news to him)

Paul: Yeah, well I’m not surprised. I always thought he was a little different. But…jeez, he’s living with his boyfriend. That’s just gross. I’m just glad he never tried to hit on me. I’d kick his ass!

Judy: Paul! Come on. It’s not gross. Try to be a little more understanding.

Paul: Understanding? You want me to be understanding? The guy’s gay! I’ll never understand that. Your parents must have been too easy on him or something. They never taught him how to be a real man.

Judy: Oh so that’s your theory. You have to be tough with little boys so they don’t become gay…

Paul: Sure. Everyone knows that how a kid is raised is a factor in whether they…they, you know, decide to become gay.

Judy: Decide? People don’t decide to become gay! Are you nuts? What…you think that someone just gets up one morning and says to himself, “Hey, I think I’ll have sex with men from now on!?”

Paul: No, of course not, but I’ve heard that they can be converted back to normal with therapy.

Judy: Converted? Back to normal? That’s about the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard in my life! They can’t be converted! It’s not like converting to a different religion or something. It’s not a lifestyle choice like whether to buy a sports car or an SUV. They’re born that way! It’s genetic!

Paul: Oh my God, trust a woman to come up with such a stupid suggestion. Genetic! How can it be genetic? God doesn’t make mistakes and believe me, homosexuality is a big mistake. It has to be a mistake, otherwise we’d all go extinct!

Judy: Trust a woman to come up with a stupid suggestion? Paul! What a terrible thing to say! First you say that gays are gross and now you insult women in general. So, you’re against gays, you think women are stupid; you’re exactly the kind of idiot Steve is going to have to deal with. Anyway, the human race is not going to go extinct just because a small percentage of people are gay. That’s silly.

Paul: Yeah, whatever. I’m sick of talking about this. It’s gross and it’s wrong and it’s unnatural. Anyway, your parents called about going to their place for a visit with Suzie next Friday. They want to have supper together and maybe even have you and Suzie stay overnight.

Judy: What do you mean, me and Suzie? Aren’t you coming?

Paul: Nope, that’s my night to go to the bar with the guys. We’re going to watch the hockey game.

Judy: Oh, and watch the strippers before the game, I’ll bet.

Paul: Sure, why not? It’s just for fun. Hey, maybe I should invite Steve. Oops, I forgot, he’ll want to go on Ladies’ Night when they have the male strippers.

Judy: Very funny, Paul. You’re such a pig sometimes. I don’t see why guys have to go watch a woman taking off her clothes and shaking her boobs. Now that’s gross! And it’s humiliating for women. It exploits us.

Paul: It’s not gross. It’s normal! And those women make a ton of money, so I don’t see how it exploits them.

Judy: Those women do it because they have to. It's pretty tough for women to get hired for a lot of the jobs men get, so we survive any way we can. But why are guys so obsessed with women’s bodies? I hate it when I’m walking around downtown and some creep starts staring at my breasts.

Paul: You love the attention. Women say they don’t like it when guys stare at them, but then they put on make-up and a skirt that goes halfway up their ass and do their best to look sexy. I don’t think we should have to justify the way we feel. We like to see naked women, that’s just how we are. Unless, we’re Steve of course. I think we can assume that he likes to look at naked men.

Judy: Oh, I just can’t talk to you sometimes! I hate it when you talk like that and when you look other women up and down. It’s sleazy. And I don’t like it when you go watch the strippers. Believe me, those women in the bar aren’t taking their clothes off for some drunken, dirty old men just for the fun of it. They’re doing it to make some money and that’s all. Anyway, you’d better not get drunk at the bar and then try to drive home.

Paul: Hey, I’m always extra careful when I’m driving after having a few beers to drink. And I’ve never had an accident in my life. Drinking just helps me to relax and have a good time. You know me, Judy, I drive better when I’m drunk than most people do when they’re sober.

Judy: Oh sure you do Paul. The truth is, you’ve just been lucky! But some day, your luck is going to run out.

Paul: Oh Judy, just calm down. I’ll be fine. You’ll see. I’m an excellent driver, no matter how much I drink.

End of Episode 4a