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About Judy's World...

JudyJudy's World is an 8-episode audio soap opera for upper intermediate / low advanced ESL students. Learning materials include an audio CD, as well as a Student Workbook and a Teacher's Manual, both of which come with an answer key.

Judy's World relates the story of Judy, a young woman who is living with her boyfriend. Judy faces various problems, pressures, challenges and successes. Issues raised in the story include relationship difficulties, unmarried couples living together, unexpected pregnancy, abortion, corporal punishment, drinking & driving, homosexuality, male/female roles, child raising, life priorities, and more.

Each episode of the soap opera ends with a cliff-hanger; an unresolved predicament which leaves students wondering what will happen next, thereby inciting thoughtful discussions and helping to make the learning process and engaging experience.

Judy's World also features two additional online episodes: Episode 2a - Planning Ahead and Episode 4a - Steve Comes Out. These additional episodes are accompanied by online exercises in vocabulary development, and reading comprehension.