Jason's World

Episode 4a - Jason Gets a New Roommate

Jason: So, have you got all your stuff organized in your room now, Mark?

Mark: You bet. Thanks for letting me move in with you here Jason. I really appreciate it.

Jason: No problem, it’s good for both of us. I needed a roommate, and you…I don’t know how you survived that cafeteria food, man. It’s pretty gross.

Mark: Yeah, it’ll be good to get in the kitchen and make my own meals. I’m going to have to cook you some great Cantonese dishes that my grandma showed me how to cook.

Jason: Excellent. You know Mark, uh…we haven’t really talked about this, but you…you really scared me there, man. I…I was afraid you were going to…

Mark: Yeah, Jason, I know. Man, I don’t know what I was thinking. Life is never so bad that, …that, like, I’d actually prefer to die. And, hey, things are getting way better. This apartment is perfect, and I’m even going out tonight with a girl in my history class.

Jason: Whoa, good one. What’s her name?

Mark: Sharon. She’s a total brain. I asked her for some help with my homework, and one thing led to another. She seems to like me. So, as long as my parents don’t find out, everything will be cool.

Jason: Dude, what are you talking about?

Mark: Uh…well, my parents wouldn’t really approve of me going out with her.

Jason: What do you mean? How come?

Mark: Uh…’cause she’s not of Chinese origin, and that’s pretty important.

Jason: What the hell? What difference does that make?

Mark: Well, it’s hard to explain, but it does make a difference. I mean, I kind of think they’re right. It’s okay to go out with a girl, but I’m not sure if mixed marriage is a good idea.

Jason: Are you kidding me? That sounds racist! Man, I don’t care what colour a girl is - she can be black, white, yellow, or even green, I don’t give a shit!

Mark: Yeah, you say that, but I bet if it was a question of marrying the girl, you’d change your mind. It can create lots of problems, man.

Jason: What kind of problems are you talking about?

Mark: Well, different cultures have different ways of thinking sometimes. For instance, everybody knows that Asians work harder than a lot of other people.

Jason: Excuse me?!

Mark: And…and, what about the kids? Mixed race kids can become the targets of bullies at school, just ‘cause they’re different. And they don’t even know who they are sometimes. They’re not white, but they’re not Asian either. I mean, what are they exactly?

Jason: What are they? They’re human beings, that’s what they are. I don’t get you, Mark. How about living with a white guy? Is that okay? You don’t mind sharing an apartment with me?

Mark: Jason! You’re my best friend, okay? But, uh…I’m sorry dude, I would never marry you!

Jason: (laughing) Okay, whatever. Anyway, seriously, I don’t care about a girl’s colour, as long as she’s hot! And man, Layla was the hottest girl I’ve ever known! I wish I hadn’t lost her.

Mark: Hey, speaking of Layla, I almost forgot to tell you…I saw her last night.

Jason: You saw Layla? Where? At school?

Mark: Nope. On the Internet!

Jason: What are you talking about?

Mark: Well, someone used his cell to film her making out with that guy at your party and it got posted on the web. You can watch the whole thing if you want to know exactly what happened.

Jason: Somebody filmed her? You’re not serious!

Mark: It happens all the time. Guys use their cells or even these new cameras that are, like, the size of a quarter, to take pictures of girls they make out with. They get them naked in bed and then film them without the girls knowing. You can see it all on igotlaid.com. There are some pretty sweet looking babes on there, lots of nice boobs, and everything. It’s awesome.

Jason: Awesome? That’s not awesome. That’s terrible. How can they do that to a girl they like? Man, can you imagine how embarrassing that must be for the girls?

Mark: Well, I guess, but you know, these aren’t exactly girls they’re in love with. They’re just someone they spend the night with.

Jason: Oh, I see, so that makes it okay?

Mark: Uh…no…uh…I don’t know, I never really thought about it.

Jason: So…uh…what exactly did the film of Layla show?

Mark: You really want to know? Well, turn on your computer and let’s take a look…

End of Episode 4a